"I want Mr. Baggins" (after Tolkien) 2011 particle board, oil pastel 715×225

Tolkien describes the causeway leading to the Ferry. On the picture one can notice a contrast between the peaceful landscape and the dark forces intruding into it. In the artist's opinion, it is the most frightening situation in "The Lord of the Rings". The characters riding on the road towards the Ferry late in the evening knew that dreadful Black Riders were searching for them, asking passers-by about Frodo Baggins. Suddenly they heard the hoofs on the road ahead, coming towards them. The rider, scarcely seen in the darkness, was nearly on them. The shape, lit by the lantern, casted a shadow on the mist - the shadow of the characters' fear. In the darkness they heard a muffled voice: "I want Mr. Baggins..."