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Before the stony door The Waterman Gift of the King Graphite
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The Waterman 2014 cardboard, mixed media 1735 Х 570


The Story of the Volsungs: So Sinfjotli drank, and straightway fell down dead to the ground.

Sigmund rose up, and sorrowed nigh to death over him; then he took the corpse in his arms and fared away to the wood, and went till he came to a certain firth; and then he saw a man in a little boat; and that man asked if he would be wafted by him over the firth, and he said yes thereto; but so little was the boat, that they might not all go in it at once, so the corpse was first laid therein...”

 (Völsunga saga (The Story of the Volsungs). Chapter 10).