«Исправи, Господи, путь мой…» 2011 дерево, масляная пастель 385x1130


bold solutions and appropriate eclecticism. A thoughtful, inventive, philosophical, and religious artist.

 Vladimir Kozlov 17.07.13


Onehearsmusichere! It is a mystery — the visual perception of the world begins to sound. One wants to fly because of such magic!

 German Orlov 18.07.13


Beautiful and sad pictures reflect the artist’s own world.



The pictures are original; one feels deep sense there.

 Alexandra and Sabrina 23.07.13


The artist has found his own creative genre...

 Yu. Stepanov, anartist 25.07.13


One feels a cultural stratum behind each painting. Very interesting, miscellaneous, and surprising technique.

 N. Meden 26.07.13


Very beautiful and unusual.

 R. Varshavsky 02.02.14


It is a travel to the wonderful, enchanting, and unpredictable world of the artist; the world, where magic is perceptible and tangible, where there is air and immense space.

I. V. M., amusician 02.02.14


One can see continuous development of the artist – poet and meditator.

 L.M.T. 08.02.14


 Works of a remarkable artist, very deep and prodigious due to the perfect mastership...

 <signature> 11.02.14


It is a special, individual vision of the world. It is a conversation of the soul with other souls. It is very complex and innermost.



Interesting effect of the cloisonne enamel (“The Heavenly Mansions”). Peculiarwarmthofsmalllandscapesisespeciallyattractive.

 M. Efimov, an artist 16.02.14


It is a new kind of art...

 Deyevs 16.02.14


Remarkable talent of the colourist, wonderful compositions and combinations of views.

Tatiana Malyusova, member of the managing board of the Creative Union of Professional Artists 11.10.14

Excellent colour, dynamics, and plasticity. Streaming and glimmering light, expressive lines.

Ira Golub, member of the managing board of the Creative Union of Professional Artists 11.10.14


Precise, goodworks. The new: text as a pattern, space, colour, and plasticity. A good stage.

Ira Golub 21.04.15


The pictures of the world are casts of ancient souls” (after M. Voloshin).

Tatiana Lazareva 21.04.15