My land 2014 orgalite, mixed media 885 Х 880


Text on the picture: My land is calm like an exhausted face on the icon… (from a poem by M. Voloshin)


In the centre — cover of the Borkolabovskaya Icon of Our Lady from Our Saviour’s church in Andreyevka village. Behind the cover one can see a landscape of Koktebel with the profile of M. Voloshin on mount Kara-Dag. The marginal scenes represent landscapes of Andreyevka village. In the left of the upper part there is Our Saviour’s church, the cemetery is to the right of it. In the right of the upper part there is a power substation. On the left side there is a fragment of the interior of Our Saviour’s church. In the middle of the right side — the tomb of Father Peter. In the middle of the bottom part — a pond on the stream of Andreyevka. In the bottom of the right side — a polyclinic of Andreyevka.