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Spring in Andreyevka Village Beloved Andreyevka poliklinika dvor palisadnik
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Spring in Andreyevka Village 2013 particle board, oil pastel 610×915

There is a legend telling that Andreyevka village is located at the seashore. The sea begins just behind the building of the Sunday school.

Our Saviour's Church is pictured as it looked before the recent changes. The black stone cross inside the fence marks the tomb of father Pyotr. One of the ways to the church goes through the cemetery. Another passes by the brick building, pond, row of garages and, finally, on the asphalt highway. The brick building (medical centre) is shown as a red castle with a guardian on the upper floor. The castle protects the borders of the sacred (for the artist) area. Huge hogweeds, growing on the bank of the pond from where the Kamenka river springs, look like the mushrooms on the shore of the Jules Verne's underground sea. One of the well-known pine trees of Andreyevka on the skirts of the cemetery woods shelters a metal table, where two friends commemorate their deceased comrade. On the road in the bottom left corner one may notice the figure of the artist wearing a red baseball cap and a gray jacket.